Support for promotion of healthy lifestyles, sports and physical activity

The healthy lifestyles agent provides support to communities for coordination, liaison, references, organizational and strategic planning activities and events for the promotion and development of healthy lifestyles, sports and physical activity, at the national, regional and local level.


For example, the following events are considered part of the promotion strategies: the National Aboriginal Hockey Championships; the North American Indigenous Games; the Inter-School Games; the Youth Forum of the AFNQL, at the regional level; and Marathon Mamu, locally.

Target audience :

  • Health directors
  • Directors of social services
  • Nurses
  • Nutritionists
  • Health personnel
  • First-line interveners
  • Interveners who work with at-risk youth
  • NNADAP interveners
  • Mental health interveners
  • Leisure services
  • Early childhood personnel/interveners
  • Elementary school administrations
  • Secondary school administrations
  • Youth centre interveners