Information Management

The FNQLHSSC conducts population surveys and evaluations of projects and programs while advocating for First Nations on ethical grounds according to established priorities.

It also participates in projects related to the use of information technology to improve accessibility to health and social services for First Nations. The services provided are characterized by support and knowledge transfer. The projects that are prioritized are designed to increase access to information and protect privacy. The data collected are used to support the health and social indicators specific to Quebec First Nations.

First Nations Regional Early Childhood, Education and Employment Survey (REEES)
The objective of the REEES is to paint a portrait of the First Nations population, focused on education, employment and early childhood.
Presentation of results from the regional population surveys (REEES and RHS)
This training presents the main results from the two regional surveys, RHS and REEES.
Presentation of the results of research and evaluations carried out by the research sector
This presentation focuses on the main results of research and evaluations carried out by the research sector.
Promoting the Quebec First Nations and Inuit Faculties of Medicine Program in elementary and secondary schools
This presentation is designed to inform First Nations and Inuit students of the existence and availability of this program.
Quebec First Nations Regional Health Survey (RHS)
The objective of the RHS is to provide a portrait of the health and well-being of First Nations living in the communities.
Research and analysis of the trajectories of young First Nations subject to the Youth Protection Act (YPA, Section 3)
This comparative analysis is designed to document the trajectory of services offered to First Nations youth compared to the rest of the Quebec population.
The surveillance plan as regards health status and its determinants among the First Nations in Quebec
This surveillance plan provides an overall portrait of the health status of the First Nations of Quebec.