The FNQLHSSC offers many culturally adapted tools to help its clientele in its professional practice.

Brochure – Diabetic retinopathy screening through telemedicine
This brochure provides information about diabetic retinopathy and the possibility of screening through telemedicine.
Buffalo Riders Early Intervention Program – Including: Visions and Dreams (15 min video)
This video presents events that took place in Canada during National Addictions Awareness Week 2010.
Community mobilization kit
This explanatory package on First Nations poverty discusses various approaches to community mobilization and development
Conference flipchart – Screening for diabetic retinopathy in First Nations communities
This conference flipchart assists interveners offering diabetes education and remote screening for diabetic retinopathy.
Diabetes, Talking About it is the Best Way to Prevent and Control it! (DVD)
This DVD is a tool for prevention and control of diabetes.
Directory of human resources management training and tools
This directory contains human resources management support tools that are easy to use and customizable, available on the Internet.
Drugs: Know the facts, cut your risks
This book describes all categories of drugs: alcohol, cannabis, amphetamines, volatile substances, psychoactive drugs, etc.
Evaluation tool bank
Sixteen evaluation tools to be used for the development, planning and implementation of a project (of an activity or a service). The content of these tools can be adapted to users’ needs. Each of these tools includes an explanatory text.
First Nations of Quebec Cancer Info-Kit
This Cancer Info-Kit provides a synthesis of knowledge about cancer and its impact on the First Nations of Quebec.
Food Guide for children from 0-4 years – Discovering food, a family activity
This guide is designed for parents of children aged from 0-4 years to help in learning healthy eating habits.
Framework for the protection of information held by a Quebec First Nation community or organization
This tool is proposed as a model for First Nations communities and organizations to oversee the protection of information they hold.
Graphic – Technical data sheets on diabetic retinopathy screening
This graphic shows the three clinical models of remote diabetic retinopathy screening.
Guide on the Procedures for Accessing Services in the Area of Health (GPS) (binder and CD)
The Guide on the Procedures for Accessing Services in the Area of Health is intended for First Nations.
This illustrated brochure addresses the myths and realities associated with HIV transmission.
HIV/AIDS has no face; protect yourself!
This tool for promoting condom use is in the form of a ready-to-assemble cardboard condom case.
Healthy Cooking for all the Community! (DVD)
This DVD in English and French versions provides methods that facilitate the preparation of healthy meals.
Healthy Eating During Pregnancy for My Baby and Me
This "pregnancy calendar" allows the mother-to-be to be guided in her diet.
Information pamphlets on the protection of First Nations’ personal information
A set of seven pamphlets present different aspects of the protection of personal information and privacy.
Infostructure - The Matrix
The Matrix is a reference tool for the implementation of an infostructure project and the description of all its stages.
Medical Transportation Decision Tree
This tool graphically shows the procedures for accessing transportation for medical reasons under the Non-Insured Health Benefits Program (NIHB).
Méthodes de soins informatisées (MSI)
MSI indicates to caregivers the clinical approach to be taken to provide the care required for users.
National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program (NNADAP) standardized forms
Faced with the confusion created by the lack of standardized procedures, a strategic priority has been given to the development of standardized intervention tools.
Poster - Screening for diabetic retinopathy
This poster invites the public to learn about the diabetic retinopathy screening service.
Recipes from Healthy Menus for Pregnant Women and the Whole Family!
This book presents menus and recipes for pregnant women and the whole family.
Reference framework on life projects for Aboriginal children
This reference document can be used by interveners before preparing a life project for an Aboriginal child.
Remote screening for diabetic retinopathy diagram
This illustrated poster informs people about the process that takes place at a teleophthalmology clinic for diabetic retinopathy screening.
Self-Care Guide
This guide provides information on what to do in case of an influenza pandemic and is addressed to the public.
Sexy Quiz campaign
These five humorous video-quizzes on sexual health are for adolescents.
Surveillance Portal for Quebec’s First Nations Health Status and Determinants
A web portal gives the designated persons access to data from the surveillance plan as regards health status and its determinants.
Teleophthalmology: EyeVu software user guide
This guide accompanies the use of the EyeVu teleophthalmology software.
The Breathe Easy kit (tobacco control toolkit)
The toolkit offers tools for tobacco control that can serve as inspiration for communities and organizations to develop their own projects.
What women should know about HIV/AIDS
This brochure provides information on HIV/AIDS with a focus on women.
Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
“Who wants to be a millionaire?” is a quiz on blood-borne and sexually transmitted infections (STBBIs).
You are an Aboriginal person… then HIV/AIDS concerns you too! (HIV test)
This brochure provides young people with relevant information about HIV.
“Healthy Altitude”
This educational board game on HIV/AIDS is modeled on the game “Snakes and Ladders.”
“The boys/the girls”
This illustrated booklet discusses puberty in boys and girls.