Framework for the protection of information held by a Quebec First Nation community or organization

This framework was adopted by the AFNQL. It is proposed to First Nations communities and organizations who wish to have a model for their policy, regulations or law on privacy and confidential information.

It includes 19 detailed sections including definitions and rules concerning:

·         Collection and protection of personal information;

·         Rights of access and correction;

·         Protection of collective data and confidential information;

·         Security measures.

Target audience :

  • General directors
  • Health directors
  • Directors of social services
  • Nurses
  • Health personnel
  • First-line interveners
  • Youth protection interveners
  • Interveners who work with at-risk youth
  • NNADAP interveners
  • MCH interveners
  • Mental health interveners
  • Public security services
  • Early childhood personnel/interveners
  • Elementary school administrations
  • Secondary school administrations
  • Elected officials and other individuals, groups, organizations and interveners interested in community development