Awareness of the community development approach

This workshop was originally created to raise awareness and support communities in the development of first-line social services and pilot projects for mental wellness teams.

It is also designed to provide accompaniment to communities for the process of developing a project while mobilizing their population and their different sectors and partners.


It ultimately aims to develop the ability of communities to analyze their needs, establish an action plan for the development of a project, service or program, to rally their people and work together.

Target audience :

  • General directors
  • Health directors
  • Directors of social services
  • Nurses
  • Health personnel
  • First-line interveners
  • Youth protection interveners
  • Interveners who work with at-risk youth
  • NNADAP interveners
  • MCH interveners
  • Mental health interveners
  • Leisure services
  • Public security services
  • General public
  • Early childhood personnel/interveners
  • Elementary school administrations
  • Secondary school administrations
  • Youth centre interveners