The process of evaluating a project

The training on the evaluation of a project:

1) Defines what is an evaluation and why they are conducted;

2) Presents the main types of evaluations and the questions to be asked in preparation;

3) Discusses what are the fundamental qualities of an evaluation and the challenges to be considered;

4) Presents the steps of the process and the possible collection tools;

5) Reviews the ethical considerations;

6) Explores the conditions for success.


A framework for reflection is also presented so that participants have a practical work guide at the end of the training.

Target audience :

  • General directors
  • Health directors
  • Directors of social services
  • Nurses
  • Nutritionists
  • Health personnel
  • First-line interveners
  • Youth protection interveners
  • Interveners who work with at-risk youth
  • NNADAP interveners
  • MCH interveners
  • Mental health interveners
  • Leisure services
  • Youth centre interveners
  • Public security services
  • General public
  • Early childhood personnel/interveners
  • Elementary school administrations
  • Secondary school administrations